Health Information Exchange

Having accurate and reliable information at the point of care is critical to improving patient outcomes. Successful health information exchanges are revolutionizing the patient health information world. What was once an antiquated process of storing patient health records on paper and physically sending the records from one doctor's office to the next – has transformed into an efficient process of storing and sharing the patient's information digitally and securely. With this advancement, health professionals have access to a patient's longitudinal record in just one click.

Information about a patient's demographics, medications, allergies, lab results, and immunizations can impact your diagnosis. Having access to near real-time information from all participating HIE providers your patients visit can increase your efficiency and make it easier to accurately assess the situation.

MHAX will allow you to easily share a patient's medical information electronically with a network of healthcare providers from all disciplines while meeting HIPAA and HITECH regulations for confidentiality.

MHAX provides you with the tools necessary to:
  • Access patient information in a timely, secure manner
  • Improve care coordination and patient safety
  • Increase physician/patient communication
  • Engage patients through an online patient portal
  • Utilize patient panel and population health analytics in a meaningful way
  • Effectively transition to a value-based payment model
  • Meet requirements for Medicare/Medicaid incentive payments
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